Building Management Solutions (BMS)

Building Monitoring & Control

  • Power Monitoring and Measuring
  • HVAC System monitoring and control.
  • Passenger Lifts Monitoring and Control.
  • Common Area Light Monitoring & Control.
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring & Control
  • Building Exits Access Monitoring & Control
  • Variety of Sensors
  • Time Based Control Scene
  • Even Based Control Scenes

Building Control Dashboard

Central Monitoring Dashboard

Artificial Intelligence Safety & Security Guard

Motion DetectionMotion Detection
AI solution can detect moving objects and determine the motion details, it can differentiate between different objects sized and different motion speed.


It can identify if an object is entering, exiting certain area, this could be useful for unguarded gates, parking areas, public places and common areas.

Missing & Abandoned

Missing & Abandoned
AI detects when an object is removed or abandoned from a specified area.
This is ideal for high value objects or areas at high risk for unwanted objects.


AI solution would trigger the alarm when a person or object enters or exits a specific defined area and would make the intelligent actions around it.

Intelligent Light Control – Energy Saving

Intelligent Occupancy Monitoring, keeps track of the room’s activities and can identify when the room is not occupied anymore, and based on the un-occupancy state, the solution will trigger the energy saving mode which will reduce unnecessary power consumption.

IP Telephony

  • Inter-department Calls
  • Voice Message Recording
  • Mailboxes
  • IVR
  • Dialogs
  • Smart Integration with Public Announcement System
  • Smart Integration
  • Various Product Range based on
    usage and application

Intelligent Car Parking with Plate Recognition

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read license plates with high recognition accuracy..
Intelligent Car Parking solution utilize the vehicle plate number to authorize parking entry.