Mayar Technologies

Mayar Technologies is a locally owned company operating from Saudi Arabia with an intent to cover the GCC and Middle East region, aiming to raise consumers’ expectations in the smart living industry by providing and successfully delivering a complete world class portfolio, counting on consistent growth of the business, skills and customer base together with a growing sustained reputation and credibility.

Solutions & Services
Mayar Technologies is in the business of Engineering, designing, developing and delivering state of the art solutions that address the requirements of the marketplace utilizing the latest technology.
The company focuses on providing Smart Living, Automation & Control, Artificial Intelligent solutions and ICT services on major available platforms combined together to meet the ultimate market needs and requirements.

Research & Development 
Mayar Technologies believes and understands that Research and Development investment is the right path to achieving state of art, best of breed, innovative, competitive and cost-effective products and solutions. That is why Mayar Technologies has invested into its own R&D and Engineering Division that drives Mayar Technologies products and solutions adhering to vastly changing and evolving market needs and requirements.

The foundation of success at Mayar Technologies rests upon its guiding values-integrity, commitment, innovation, excellence-building and increasing its referrals base, and highly trained employees who are capable of continuously improving to adapt with the growing technologies and market needs.