Smart Interaction Solutions

Smart Interaction

Smart Spaces are not only about smartly controlling your home or appliances; it is also about being able to interact smartly with the stakeholders.

Smart interaction solution provides the property owners, tenants, property management and even maintenance companies a handy tool to facilitate their timely interaction and enhance the efficiency to new levels.

Smart Interaction Solution automates the interaction and the work flow between tenants, building management, property owners, maintenance company and even real-estate agents smartly.

The solution will remind the tenants to pay the rent, and will let the owners to know the delayed payments, will let the property manager know the maintenance requests and performance, will put the vacant flats on the web for rent, and many other workflows that are needed for easier and better interaction.

As an example, follows is the maintenance workflow for rented space:

  • Tenant is having an issue that needs maintenance, take the photo, write the comment then send your request
  • The request pops up to the property management responsible person who would be able to evaluate, put his comments and assign the request to the right team or company.
  • The property owner is alerted with all of the requests and would be able to track each of the requests and the response time.
  • The pre-assigned maintenance company, or in-building assistant will have the request automatically received.
  • The technician or the company will schedule the visit to the apartment with the tenant and the building officer to conduct the inspection and maintenance.
  • Property owner would see the statistics of the property maintenance
  • Any work or cost would be logged into the system and at certain thresholds, the cost is subject to the property management/owner approval.
  • The tenant is then asked about his review and evaluation for the work performed.
  • The system logs and tracks the maintenance performance and statistics, which helps providing intelligent analysis for each of property’s activities and interactions.